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Store.StrawberryFields.net - Strawberry Fields DVD Now Available
%%store%% : The Beatles: Rare & Unseen
List Price: $14.97

Prices subject to change.
The Beatles: Rare & Unseen
starring: Phil Collins, Gerry Marsden, Sylvie Vartan, Steve Harley, Norman "Hurricane" Smith

Earliest known footage of the Beatles on stage, Liverpool, February 1962; Only existing film on tour in Scotland, Cairo Hall Dundee, October 1964; Filming of Help!, Bahamas, February 1965; Filming of Magical Mystery Tour, Newquay, September 1967; Home Movie Footage, Paris Olympia Theatre, January 1964; Producer/director Chris Cowie got his hands on a rare interview that John Lennon shot in New York for French TV in 1975; the clips are sparse, but valuable.
April 04, 2008
%%store%% : Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. - Live 2002 Concert Film
List Price: $24.98
Amazon.com's Price: $32.13

Prices subject to change.
Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. - Live 2002 Concert Film
starring: Paul McCartney, Paul Wickens, Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel Jr., Brian Ray
directed by: Mark Haefeli

Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. - Live 2002 Concert Film
November 11, 2002
%%store%% : John & Yoko: Give Peace a Song
List Price:

Prices subject to change.
John & Yoko: Give Peace a Song
starring: Yoko Ono, Tom Smothers, George Harrison, John Lennon
directed by: Paul McGrath

On May 26, 1969, John Lennon & Yoko Ono moved into the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal for the historic, seven-day bed-in protest against violence as a whole in the world. Captured on film and video by various visitors over the seven days, Give Peace A Song documents the events that took place in the infamous suite 1742. This DVD highlights the various visits from celebrities & musicians like Tom Smothers, Derek Taylor, Petula Clark, Dr. Timothy Leary, civil rights activist Dick Gregory, and political cartoonist Al Capp to name only a few. On June 1, the last day of the bed-in, John posted lyrics on the suite's walls for a spontaneous group recording of all who were still visiting the famous couple to sing harmoniously to the world the now universal anthem for peace "Give Peace A Chance." The song was later released as a single and shot straight up the Billboard charts, and that actual recording is witnessed here on this DVD.

Give Peace A Song also features bonus television interviews, a John & Yoko press conference, Petula Clark's visit to the bed-in, and a staggering wealth of pictures that have been held captive for over 35 years.

Highlights Include:

* A new 45 minute documentary of the famous bed-in and the creation of "Give Peace A Chance." * Film from the CBC archives, outtakes from John & Yoko's own movie of the event, and home movies taken by visitors. * New interviews with Yoko Ono, Tom Smothers, Petula Clark, and the song's producer, Andre Perry. * A wealth of unreleased photos by Gerry Deiter, the only photographer given 24 hour access to the bed-in. * Over 35 minutes of bonus material including bonus television interviews, the press conference, Petula Clark's visit, interviews from Andre Perry, Tom Smothers and Judy Steinberg.


1. The Bed-In Begins
2. The Choir Assembles
3. Recording "Give Peace A Chance"
4. Pete Seeger Makes The Song Famous
5. The Song Lives On
6. John Lennon Performs "Give Peace A Chance"
7. "Peace Weekend" Interview
8. Television Interview
9. Press Conference
10. Andre Perry Interview
11. Petula Clark Visits The Bed-In
12. Tom Smothers And Judy Steinberg Bonus Interview
October 10, 2006

%%store%% : Inside John Lennon (Unauthorized)
List Price: $9.99
Amazon.com's Price: $9.98
You Save: $0.01
Prices subject to change.
Inside John Lennon (Unauthorized)
starring: John Lennon, The Beatles

INSIDE JOHN LENNON is an intimate account of the life and career of the most controversial Beatle. From his difficult beginnings in wartime Liverpool to riding the wave of Beatlemania to becoming a peace activist with his outspoken soulmate,Yoko Ono, John packed a lot into his forty short years.Hear touching and revealing stories from his sister, Julia. Find out how it felt playing alongside John from the Quarry Men themselves. Hear anecdotes from the Beatles' first manager, Allan Williams. And, of course, there is frank, witty, and sometimes blunt commentary from Lennon himself.
December 12, 2003
%%store%% : Fun With the Fab Four
List Price: $4.58
Amazon.com's Price: $4.58

Prices subject to change.
Fun With the Fab Four
starring: The Beatles

Rare footage of the sensational Beatles: hysterical crowds, press conferences, interviews, TV clips, newsreels and more.
August 08, 2003
%%store%% : Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon
List Price:

Prices subject to change.
Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon

2005 marks the year it would have been John Lennon's 65th Birthday in October. 12/05 sees another anniversary in 25 years since his death. There will be a lot of John Lennon activity throughout this period, with remastered catalogue in the form of Walls & Bridges and Sometime in New York City albums. Working Class Hero - The Definitive Lennon will be a double disc set featuring all his classic songs and more. EMI.
October 10, 2005
%%store%% : The Beatles The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
List Price:
Amazon.com's Price: $57.76

Prices subject to change.
The Beatles The Capitol Albums Vol. 1

In 1964, the Capitol Records, U.S. home to the Beatles, released four compilations - 'Meet The Beatles', 'Beatles Second Album', 'Something New' & 'Beatles '65.' Each set sold over one million copies & still remains popular among the Beatlemania. The sets became out of print in 1987, but 17 years have passed & they are now available again in a deluxe four-disc box set. 'Beatles Capitol Albums Volume 1', due Nov. 16, will collect the four albums with a 48-page special booklet. All the tracks have been digitally mastered using 24-bit technology & available in both stereo & mono versions. Twelve of the forty five tracks were not available in the U.K. original edition. EMI. 2004.
November 11, 2004
%%store%% : Rock 'N' Roll
List Price:
Amazon.com's Price: $25.49

Prices subject to change.
Rock 'N' Roll

2004 reissue of the classic 1974 album includes four bonus tracks, 'Angel Baby', 'To Know Her Is To Love Her', 'Since My Baby Left Me', & 'Just Because' (Reprise).
November 11, 2004
%%store%% : Imagine
List Price:

Prices subject to change.

One of the best all-time rock albums by any measure, Imagine is nearing its 30th birthday-and here's a marvelous tribute. You can get the original LP on CD or cassette with remixed, remastered sound and a 16-page booklet with lyrics and rare pix. Or go behind the scenes of a masterpiece-the documentary Gimme Some Truth-The Making of Imagine , featuring an unfinished film by John and Yoko, is available on VHS or DVD (DVD has surround sound, an eight-page booklet and discography). A treasured moment in rock history.
April 04, 2000
%%store%% : Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur
List Price:
Amazon.com's Price: $21.76

Prices subject to change.
Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur

Featuring songs by the iconic John Lennon newly recorded by some of today's biggest as well as emerging music artists, Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur is the major benefit-album project of the year. The proceeds support Amnesty International and its campaign to focus attention and mobilize activism around the urgent catastrophe in Darfur, Sudan. Buy a CD, save a life.
June 06, 2007

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Strawberry Fields DVD price is 19.80 USD free shipping and handling

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